January 30, 2021

Month: January 2021

Understanding EMDR Therapy And Its Benefits

Several independent and controlled studies have revealed that EMDR therapy is an effective treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). A 2012 study on 22 people found out that their hallucinations, anxiety, and depression symptoms were significantly reduced after EMDR therapy. It was also reported that symptoms were not exacerbated during the treatment.  What is EMDR […]

Natural Remedies That Can Provide You Thicker & Fuller Hair

While we cannot change the hair’s texture, somehow we can try to make them thicker and fuller to lower down the breakage of hair strands and further hair loss. Individuals use several hair products like Indulekha hair oil, shampoo, mustard oil, but some may work some may not. Adding some natural ingredients in your daily […]

First aid – training for children and teenagers

  • by Feris William
  • 5 Months ago
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The training aims to develop appropriate attitudes in children and adolescents and to prepare them for immediate rescue operations in the face of a threat to the health and life of the injured person. Thanks to erste hilfe kurs, children, and adolescents learn how to properly provide first aid, to take care of their safety, […]

The Known Treatments That Help With Asymmetrical Eyes

  • by Feris William
  • 5 Months ago
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When eyes are not of the same shape, size and it is not at the same levels, they are commonly known as asymmetrical eyes (ตา ไม่ เท่า กัน, which is the term in Thai). An individual might not be conscious about their eyes but others would and this might sometimes happen due to any underlying […]

What are the types of obesity?  

           Nowadays, it seems that obesity affected most of the countries in this world. It is easier to get a disease when you are obese compared to when you are underweight. You can go and ask a doctor about this statement, and they will definitely agree with it. Obesity is not just a cosmetic […]

Choose the best products for your Skin

We often tend to forget on taking precautionary measures to keep our skin healthy and shiny. Also, by providing proper nourishment to our skin, it helps our skin to breathe more efficiently and also boosts our self-confidence. Moreover, by keeping our skin clean and clear, we get the desired attention, we always feel to get […]

Discover here how skin needling works  

The face is one of the extremely important parts of our body. All human faces are unique and contribute to individual identity. Moreover, the face is one of the most fundamental parts of the body for self-recognition. Along with this, eating, mode of emotional expression, and most important breathing are the face’s primary functions. We […]

What Is Stem Cell And What Are Its Benefits?

  • by Micheal Donna
  • 5 Months ago
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Stem cell therapy has developed a lot more in the past years as physicians and scientists used this therapy to study varieties of injuries, diseases, and other conditions. It is one of the important therapy for all the living organisms, which has many benefits. If you are looking for stem cell therapy in Atlanta, there […]