August 24, 2020

3 Common Myths and Facts about Tummy Tuck

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A flat and toned stomach is always attractive, whether it’s of a woman or a man. Regardless of how plump a person is, if s/he has a flat stomach, s/he looks fit, healthy and thus good-looking.

However, not many people have such a flat stomach and so, most individuals long for it.

Causes for a fat tummy may range from pregnancy and childbirth to lifestyle habits, sudden weight loss or increase, genetics and so on.

If the cause of a big belly is not wrong eating habits or lack of exercise, such a belly cannot be flattened with rectifying eating habits and exercising.

In such a scenario, a tummy tuck surgery can be a person’s best solution to achieve a flat belly.


Although a tummy tuck or abdominoplasty is quite popular, people have many wrong thoughts about it which cause them to shy away from the procedure.

Let’s break these myths and help you embrace a tummy tuck with an open mind.

Myth 1 – Tummy Tuck Results can be Achieved with Diet and Exercise

Fact – Although you should inculcate the habit of eating right and exercising in yourself, if you’re doing it for a flatter belly, it won’t always serve your purpose.

Regardless of how hard and long you do these efforts, you have no control on where you’ll lose weight from and may still have the stubborn belly fat even if you hit your goal weight.

Plus, there are certain aesthetic concerns that cannot be addressed by the right diet and/or exercise such as stretched abdominal skin, especially resulted from a massive weight loss or pregnancy.

If your abdominal wall has been stretched, something like Grafton tummy tuck before and after difference is the only way to see the results you want in your looks.


Myth 2 – I’m too Old for Tummy Tuck

Fact – Age is just a number when it comes to cosmetic surgery. The fact is that majority of individuals who undergo a tummy tuck are between the ages of 51 and 64, and some are even beyond 65.

All in all, there is no inappropriate age to choose a tummy tuck procedure, although your surgeon may consider certain factors like your physical health, no smoking, a stable, healthy weight and realistic expectations.

Myth 3 – Tummy Tuck Should be Done to Lose Weight

Fact – People commonly consider a tummy tuck as a weight loss procedure, which is not true.

The fact is that an ideal candidate for a tummy tuck is at or close to their normal weight and is otherwise healthy and active, but has a problem with the protruding belly or loose sagging skin on the belly.

This doesn’t mean that a tummy tuck won’t remove excess fat in one’s midsection.

Most of the times, something like an expert liposuction surgery in Port Macquarie by PCLS Coffs Harbour is involved during a tummy tuck procedure to minimise stubborn fat zones.

Although an abdominoplasty will offer you a flatter stomach, it won’t significantly reduce the number you can see on your weight scale.

Hence if you’re planning a tummy tuck, you must be within a reasonable range of your target weight before undergoing the surgery.

Thus, with these myths shattered, are you ready to undergo a tummy tuck?

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