November 11, 2021
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  • 4 Signs That Indicate You Must Schedule a Visit With an Ophthalmologist in Dubai

4 Signs That Indicate You Must Schedule a Visit With an Ophthalmologist in Dubai

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When it comes to eye health, you must never take any chances and wait for the pain or discomfort to pass away. It would lead to bigger complications, and it will make your eyes very hard to function.

In some cases, it may indicate that you might have to face severe issues down the road. If you’re feeling any discomfort, then you must immediately schedule a visit with an ophthalmologist in Dubai.

Therefore, today we will list several signs that you should be on the lookout for, and if you experience them, it is time to schedule a visit to your ophthalmologist in Dubai

1- If you have pink or red eyes

Usually, the pink or redness of eyes is associated with conjunctivitis, allergies or even an uncommon type of glaucoma. Do not wait for days and think that the pink or redness will fade away.

In the beginning, you can show it to your family doctor, but if the condition persists after 24-48 hours, it is time to consult an ophthalmologist in Dubai. There might be an underlying issue that your regular doctor might not have been able to diagnose.

2- If you have trouble driving at night

Driving at night is not an easy task. Even the best drivers have trouble with the oncoming lights and the darkness. These are common issues faced by everyone. But if you feel the troubles of driving at night have only increased, it is time to seek medical help.

The answer might be as easy as wearing prescription glasses or something more serious like a cataract. The ophthalmologist in Dubai will take into account your condition and determine what’s best for you.

3- When you become too sensitive to light

The main reason for being too sensitive to light is when there is inflammation around the eye. The sensitivity to light could be because of some issues with the cornea or some underlying issue.

If the issue is not treated initially, it could lead to scarring or permanent damage. Although, issues with the eyes might not solely cause sensitivity to light. It might be because of some allergies or viral infection.

4- Vision becomes blurry

Blurry vision becomes several major issues. Only an ophthalmologist in Dubai would be able to pinpoint the exact issue. If you visit an ophthalmologist in Dubai, they might suggest eyes drops or some prescription pills.

Surgery is usually the last resort that ophthalmologists in Dubai usually opt for. If the case is serious, they might often suggest surgery. But you must visit them and understand the issue.

Wrapping up

Contact the expert team from Eye Surgeon if you experience any of the signs mentioned above for expert help.

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