August 17, 2020
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  • 5 Facts about Mink Lash Extensions You Should Know

5 Facts about Mink Lash Extensions You Should Know

  • by Feris William
  • 2 Years ago
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When you start researching about eyelash extensions, you may come across many different types of lash extensions among which one is mink lashes.


Mink lashes may make you wonder what they are and why they are so popular. So, let’s know more about mink lashes.

1. What are Mink Lashes?

Mink lash extensions are the most commonly used lash types in the lash industry at present. They are made with a synthetic material known as PBT.

PBT is a plastic substance that doesn’t deform after processing for a long time, has excellent chemical and heat resistance, and also excellent shape memory.

It is not only used in lash extensions but in some household items too such as toothbrushes.

2. What about the Animal Mink?

Many users and lash artists alike get confused by the term ‘mink’ due to which they believe that the lash extensions are made from the fur of the animal mink.

However, mink lash extensions are named so because of their soft texture that resembles that of the mink hair.

So, if you’re concerned about whether mink lash extensions are obtained from the animal, get rid of the misconception and go for these superb lash extensions without any guilt at

3. Real Mink Lashes

But you may also remember that mink lash extensions obtained from the animal mink’s fur do exist too, and are popular due to their soft, fluffy and light texture and the natural look they offer.

They are not for everyone though and are best for those who are looking for an extremely natural look. Being very light, real mink lashes usually last longer than faux mink lash extensions.

Their drawback is that they are quite expensive.


4. Mink Vs. Silk Lashes

Silk lashes are actually made of the same material as that of the mink lashes, i.e. synthetic PBT. Thus the difference is not in their material but in their weight, finish and shape.

Silk lashes are narrower than mink lashes; thus, if you keep silk and mink lashes of the same thickness near each other, you’ll find that silk lashes are thinner than mink lashes.

The silk lashes will also look softer and lighter and therefore offer a more natural look.

They can be made even more natural by adding semi or full matte finishing. However, this is just an add-on and not the main characteristic of the silk lashes.

5. Velvet, Sable and Cashmere Lashes

Firstly, no matter whether they’re known as mink, velvet, sable or cashmere, they all are made of the same synthetic PBT and not from natural materials (except the products that clearly specify that animal, hair is used in them).

These names are basically used by the various brands to differentiate between softness and lushness of their textures.

For the same PBT mink lash extensions, some brands would call it mink, while some others would call it royal sable.

Same is true about flat lash extensions. While some brands would call it ellipse lash, others would call it cashmere lash.

Thus, by using something like 4d lash extensions Sydney at Fancy Lash, you’ll get the same high-quality and cruelty-free lash extensions that would reflect your beauty – outer as well as inner!

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