April 30, 2021

6 curly hair problems and how to solve them

  • by Clare Louise
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Desirable curls, crazy volume and the fact that oil does not show up for days make your bumpy locks splendid. But curly hair problems can make you want to grab that straightener every other day. Curly hair can be uncontrollable and hard work at times. But we have the right way to deal with the struggle you go through with your curly mane.

Let’s see how to handle some curly hair problems so they’ll never get in the way of wearing the hairstyles you love.

  1. Dryness

Being absorbent and highly prone to humidity, curly hair loses moisture easily. It results in dry and visibly dull hair. Prevent moisture loss in your hair. Choose a gentle sulphate-free shampoo. Dismiss the heating tools which can take away moisture.

  1. Frizz

The least humidity in the air can make your hair frizzy. Addressing dryness, which we discussed above, is the first step to deal with frizz. Treat your hair with the utmost mildness in terms of products and tools. Use an old t-shirt instead of a towel to blot the water out of your hair. It will produce less friction. It results in less frizz.

  1. Tangles

The reason why you have to think about a million times before leaving your curly hair loose on any day is that it tangles easily. To avoid tangles in the shower, wash your hair in sections. Don’t dry brush your tangled hair; that’s a passport to breakage and split end city, plus frizz. Use your fingers to separate curls, instead. Or brush your hair while damp with a wide-toothed comb.

  1. Lack of volume on top

When curly hair is cut to one length, it leads the curls to stack up on top of each other. It results in volume on the bottom and no volume on top. Ask your stylist for a layered cut. It helps to have a more balanced curly haircut that will better frame your face.

  1. Roughness

Is your hair as rough as your morning toast? This is because the cuticles open up due to humidity and the moisture is lost. Use a gentle shampoo. Do not skip on the conditioner. Apply the conditioner in a downward motion. Wash after a couple of minutes.

  1. Slower growth

Curly hair grows at a slower speed as compared to straight hair. Oil massages before a hair wash can provide proper nourishment to your curly hair. Massage the scalp gently with warm oil to regulate blood circulation and induce hair regrowth.

Homeopathy and curly hair care

Homeopathy offers safe and natural healing from various hair and scalp problems including dandruff and scalp psoriasis. Homeopathic medicine for hair fall is especially preferred for its gentle healing. It is very suited to young children, expectant mothers, those with serious illnesses, and the elderly. Homeopathy provides hair fall treatment solutions that are customized as per each patient’s unique medical background and symptoms.

You can visit your nearest hair clinic and consult an expert homeopathic doctor for your curly hair problems.

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