September 23, 2020

6 High-CBD Cannabis Strains To Ease Anxiety

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Cannabis is a go-to remedy for most folks living with anxiety. However, not all cannabis strains are actually created equal in fact some are known to even bring on or worsen anxiety. The key is to choose a strain with a high CBD-to-THC ratio. While definitely not a treatment for anxiety, using high-CBD strains or wholesale seeds can actually help ease certain symptoms especially when combined with other tools like therapy. Now, in this post we have given an overview of the 6 high-CBD cannabis strains that can actually help ease anxiety for our reader’s reference.


Remedy is basically a 14 percent CBD strain that produces little to no psychoactive effects. It’s basically recommended to users due to its ability to mellow anxiety patients without causing intense head or body effects. Remedy mostly has a lemon-pine scent and is considered quite a high-THC strain.

Cherry Wine

If you love the smell of wine and cheese then cherry wine is your strain. This strain averages around 17 percent CBD with less than 1 percent THC. According to client testimonials, the strain is well-known for relaxing the brain and muscles and does not even produce a mind-altering effect.

Ringo’s Gift

This CBD strain basically has a CBD to THC ratio of 13:1, but strains as high as 20:1 are also quite common. The Ringo’s gift is basically a cross of two high-CBD strains: ACDC and Harle-Tsu. Users often report a big improvement in anxiety and stress levels after using this strain along with improved sleep and relaxation.


The award-winning Harle-Tsu strain averages around 13 percent CBD but usually tests much higher. This CBD strain is quite famous amongst users as it contains 21.05 percent CBD and 0.86 percent THC. In fact it is this ratio that makes it a favorite for people looking to lower their anxiety and in turn boost their mood and focus.

Critical Mass

The critical mass strain actually contains far more THC than the others listed above, making it an extremely good option for people who are looking for a rather light buzz. This strain usually contains anywhere between 4-7 percent THC and about 8-10 percent CBD. According to various user reviews, people who don’t generally do well with THC find this strain rather calm and relaxing with zero green outs.



Elektra basically averages around 16 percent CBD and less than 1 percent THC. Though some user reviews claim that it is tested as high as around 20 percent CBD. This strain mostly has a pungent smoke and aroma and people usually love it for its relaxing effect.

It is widely believed that cannabis and especially CBD and wholesale seeds are one of the best ways to manage anxiety. Now, if you wish to give high-CBD strains a try then just be sure to keep up with any anxiety treatments prescribed by your healthcare provider.

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