November 23, 2021
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All You Need to Know About the Four Stages of Eating After Bariatric Surgery

  • by Jerry Watson
  • 6 Months ago
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Bariatric surgery is life-changing surgery. If you are considering undergoing bariatric surgery in Phoenix, then you might also be wondering about the different things you will go through, eating habits, and lots more. So, it’s time you prepare yourself for your recovery phase, especially the dietary changes you will have to make after your bariatric surgery.

Here in this article, you will learn about the four stages of eating after your bariatric surgery:

Stage 1

Stage 1 of your eating schedule after your bariatric surgery begins with eating a liquid diet. This will continue for at least 4-5 days. During the initial days of recovery after surgery, you should be taking clear fluids after every half an hour. The best liquid food forms you can gulp in this phase includes diluted apple juice, vegetable broth, lemon-lime Gatorade, sugar-free gelatin, etc.

Stage 2

The next stage will bring you to the advanced stage of your diet, that is, after about 4-5 days of your liquid diet. Stage 2 involves food items that are mushy and have a consistency quite similar to yogurt. Make sure you don’t skip any meals, and each mean should be at least half cup size. The food items you can eat during this stage are non-dairy yogurt, black beans, pea soup, mashed banana, cottage cheese, etc.

Stage 3

Stage 3 of your diet will initiate about 14 days after your bariatric surgery and after your follow-up appointment with your concerned doctor. The food items that will be included in your diet should be easy to pull apart, meaning ultra-smooth and soft food items. Your meal should also not exceed the measurement of 4 ounces in size. The soft foods you can eat at this stage are canned chicken, lean proteins, mushrooms, soft fruits, stew, etc.

Stage 4

The final stage, 4, will bring you back to regular consistency food. This stage begins 4-6 weeks after your procedure is complete. Stage 4 reintroduces regular food into your diet. However, you still have to avoid food items that can cause gastric issues. Your meal size can now expand to 6 ounces in size. Don’t forget to sip a little amount of water in between the meals.

It is very important to follow stage-by-stage eating structure after your surgery because different food items can cause an adverse reaction to your health. Read more about bariatric surgery and the 7 non-weight loss benefits of bariatric surgery before undergoing any procedure.

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