December 31, 2021
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Are There Any Chances of Getting Pregnant After Lap Band Surgery?

  • by Feris William
  • 5 Months ago
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Pregnant After Lap Band Surgery

Many theories or studies have proved that one can get pregnant after lap band surgery. Thus, it can be due to obesity that leads to infertility in women. However, another cause can be irregularities in polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS).  This condition is common in most obese women. Hence, an increase in BMI lowers the chances of pregnancy. If your BMI is over 30, the hormones get out of control because of the high amount of fat in your tissues. Thus, it will make it difficult for you to get pregnant.

Moreover, if you are looking for the best lap band removal in long Island, you may search for them online. The Lap-Band System is completely safe for both pregnant mothers and their unborn children. Women who lose weight generally notice an improvement in their fertility and have a better chance of becoming pregnant.

Pregnancy is safer and more comfortable when you lose weight. If the mother eats a good diet, the Lap-Band does not create nutritional deficits. Therefore mother and baby are not starved. Thus, let’s know how much weight can be lost with lap band surgery.

How Much Weight Is Lost After The Lap Band Surgery?

About 50% of the weight women will lose during lap band surgery. Thus, people usually ask, “How Much Weight Can You Lose with Lap-Band?” So, the answer is that it can lead to 50% excess weight loss. To determine the extra weight, subtract your present weight from your optimum weight (or weight at a healthy BMI).

For instance, a patient whose weight is 400 pounds and their excess weight is about 250 pounds, but the patient wants to reduce up to 150 pounds, then in this case, lap band surgery can help in losing weight around 125 pounds. Their total weight is 275 pounds as a result of their efforts. However, it is on average data. Some patients lose a significant amount of weight, while others do not.

Factors That Causes Weight Loss after Lap Band Surgery

  • Proper Exercise Routine
  • Balancing Eating Habits
  • Proper Maintenance of Diet
  • Adjusting the Band
  • BMI Starts and Weight


The Lap-Band procedure is among the popular weight loss surgery which has fewer chances of failing. In this surgery, patients are able to lose about 50% of their weight. Thus, it may sometimes lead to pregnancy in some women.

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