October 25, 2020

Be Aware! CBD Oil Is Different From Hemp Oil

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Several decades ago, Cannabis sativa plant by-products and their use are quite controversial and prohibited. But recent studies on Cannabidiol or CBD, a derivative of the Cannabis sativa plant, indicate that they are non-addictive and have certain beneficial effects on a person’s well-being. 

That is why as much as 1.3 million UK residents use these products regularly, most of which are purchased from a reputable CBD oil shop. Most of these users find these products effective in alleviating their anxiety, pain, depression and sleep disorders.

There are many meticulous consumers who would want to learn more about a particular product before they make any purchase. This would include products derived from Cannabis sativa like CBD oil. UK law allows the sales and use of these products, as long as the sellers does not make any outrageous claims or deceive the public. 

Still, there are many sellers who would try to pass off ordinary hemp seed oil as CBD oil that contain appropriate levels of Cannabinoid and other nutritional elements. Hemp oil is different from CBD oil and they manifest different effects and benefits – so be aware! 

To avoid making such mistakes, it would be best to educate yourselves by going through good references like this infographic from Love CBD. This comprehensive guide provides a good overview of these differences and provides good tips on how to distinguish hemp oil from CBD oil. 

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