March 27, 2022
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CBD Gummies – How to Find Out What Dosage Suits You the Best

  • by Jerry Watson
  • 2 Months ago
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As many researches reveal the extraordinary healing propertiesof cannabinoids, more and more people are adopting hemp-based products. One of the most popular products among them is CBD gummies. If you are looking at CBD gummies to work for your wellness, you must firstly understand about their proper dosage.

If you do a Google search on dosage, you will come across mixed opinions and suggestions. There is no exact answer to what amount of CBD gummies should be taken by any person. In this article, we shall guide you to safely find the best dosage for yourself.

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Basic Idea about dosage

  • There is no ideal CBD dosage as each consumer responds differently, so you must take time to learn about the best dosage that suits you.
  • There are multiple factors you need to consider while taking gummies.
  1. What potency do your gummies have on your ailments?
  2. What is the chemical composition of your gummies?
  • You can start off with low dosage, and then slowly increase your consumption as you understand their effects on your body.

Factors Determining the Right CBD Dosage for You

You may get CBD gummies of different potencies like 5mg CBD or 25 mg CBD in the market. For example, if you get a low-potency product, you may have to take 3 gummies. On the other hand, you can take only 1 gummy if the potency is higher.

  1. Body Weight

Initially, you can start the dose as per your body weight, and then adjustthe dosage for good results. For weight groups (more or less)

  1. Under 130 lbs- up to 11 mg
  2. 130 to 230 lbs- up to 18 mg
  3. Above 230 lbs- up to 23 mg
  4. Metabolism
  • To establish proper CBD dosage, you have to maintain good metabolism.
  • If you take CBD gummies on an empty stomach, you can experience its benefits in a short time.
  1. Potency Of Your CBD Gummies
  • You must know how much dosage your body can tolerate.
  • For substantial effects, you must take more gummies than an average consumer.
  1. The Condition Addressed
  • The dosage can also depend on your psychological ailments such as anxiety, healthy sleep, pain, and inflammation. Start off slow and see its effects your body.
  1. Body Chemistry
  • You may experience the calming CBD effects on your body after specific doses.
  • This is all because of the endocannabinoids working on hormones and enzymes of your body. Don’t push your limits if you are already feeling good.
  1. The Bioavailability of CBD Gummies

ü  Your bioavailability is determined by percentage of leftover CBD in the blood upon ingestion. If it is seen in high percentage, then you will have to lower your dosage. You will need to do a blood test to determine this factor.

Just like any other food product, it is important to understand your body limits, and make sure that you do not overdo CBD more than what your body actually needs.

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