September 18, 2020

How Can Hemorrhoids be Treated?

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Hemorrhoids are also called piles, often forcing a lot of people to hide their misery while suffering in silence. Due to the nature and symptoms of this condition that can usually be associated with bowel habits, hemorrhoids are often considered as something embarrassing that leads many people to refuse to see their doctor to be examined. Although the symptoms of hemorrhoids such as swellings or lumps, pain over the anal region as well as minor bleeding can be considered mild in general, but if left untreated can lead to more serious issues. This article will discuss the treatment options and remedies for hemorrhoids either through surgical approach or medications that we call as ‘ubat buasir’ in Malay.

First of all, what are hemorrhoids? In short, hemorrhoids are swollen veins. The venous blood vessels in the anus expand and form lumps, either inside or outside of the anus. Hemorrhoids can happen to anyone, but are more common among pregnant women. This is believed to be due to the enlargement of the fetus and the increasing pressure on the anal region as pregnancy progresses. Something important to note is that hemorrhoids may not require treatment and can go away on their own. For a handful of unlucky individuals with hemorrhoids, some form of treatments may be needed.

The problem of hemorrhoids is often made worse among patients with some difficulty to pass motion, or the ones with constipation. Therefore, one of the ways to treat hemorrhoids is to maintain a good diet so that the stools are not too hard, making them easier to pass. Patients will often be advised to drink more plain water and to eat more fruits and vegetables. This dietary plan that contains a lot of fibres can help the formation of faeces that are softer. Your precious time should not be wasted, sitting and straining on the toilet for hours. Patients can also opt for painkillers such as paracetamol to reduce pain around the anal region.

For a more invasive approach, there are several ways to treat hemorrhoids. One of these methods is by banding, where the lumps in the anal area will be tied with a special rubber band. This method will cause the blood flow to the lumps to stop, allowing the hemorrhoids to shrink. This method, however, requires cooperation from patients since this banding method is usually done on conscious patients. This process will be very difficult if the patient is unable to follow instructions and cannot lie still during the procedure.

The next method on this list may be a bit intimidating for some people since it involves injections. While we can already see rejections for simple procedures involving injections in the shoulders for example, for this procedure the patients will be injected in places that are much more sensitive. This method of treatment is called sclerotherapy, where the lumps or swellings of the hemorrhoids will be injected with chemicals such as Phenol which will cause the hemorrhoids to reduce in size and shrink. Patients might feel a little discomfort after they went through this procedure.

Then, what about surgery? Yes, hemorrhoids can be treated in the operating theatre. A surgical procedure called hemorrhoidectomy can be performed to remove the affected and swollen tissues. However, surgery requires more preparation as compared to the other procedures. Like other surgeries, patients will need a longer time, perhaps a few weeks, to recover after the surgery is completed.

In general, hemorrhoids are common problems, faced by a lot of people. Chances are, some of the readers have also experienced it. There is no need to panic and worry, as there are many ways to treat this problem. Practice a healthy diet rich with fibre and drink plenty of water. If hemorrhoids persist, please consider seeing a doctor for better treatment options.

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