March 14, 2021

How To Choose Your First Disposable Vape

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Many smokers who have a hard time withdrawing cigarette smoking from their system is difficult especially when there are no available alternatives to help them in transition. But lo and behold, disposable nicotine vape pen pod vaporizers were invented. Thanks to this disposable vapes that are easy to use, discreet, and maintenance-free. 

But how to vapers make sure that they get the best experience from the vast selection that is present in the market? Here’s how:

Ask about the Puff Count

After a good vaping experience, one way to see if you are after a good vaping experience is to ask for the vape count that the disposable vape can do. If it can only give a hundred hits, ditch the idea of spending money for it. Go for those that can do 200 puffs or more, like the disposable relx by Bright Tech.

Check the Battery Life

The disposable vape’s advisable battery life is 320mAh or higher, like the disposable vape pen pod FreecoolYstick, the HYPPE Ultra, or the Lush Flow. These options are good choices if you do not want to suffer from dry hits caused by batteries that easily run out.

MTL Draw

The mouth-to-lung experience is still important for smokers who switched to vaping despite quitting cigarette smoking. Look for vapes that provide an authentic experience, and don’t forget the consistency of the MTL draws from the product that you are eyeing to purchase.

 Price Check

Although these disposable vapes are maintenance-free, don’t go after cheaper vaporizers because compromise in the device quality can come with it. If you want to have the best vaping experience, you have to grab devices that offer the best quality for the best experience.

To know more about disposable vapes, check out this infographic by Bright Tech.

How to Choose Your First Disposable Vape

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