November 29, 2021

In How Much Time Can I Recover from a Gastric Sleeve Surgery?

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Can I Recover from a Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Are you looking to go for a sleeve-gastrectomy in Las Cruces? If yes, then it is crucial to know everything related to the surgery. This weight loss procedure can be very helpful in reducing excessive weight. However, it requires a commitment to a new lifestyle, as well.

Recovery from a Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Typically, gastric sleeve patients take around 1 or 2 months to gain full recovery from the procedure. The incisions within your abdomen normally take around 2 to 3 weeks to heal, and the staple line will take about 6 to 8 weeks to recover.

In the first month following the surgery, you’ll begin to give your stomach some time to revive and readjust. You’ll just be allowed to adhere to a clear liquid diet during the first few weeks. Protein supplements are allowed, too, if necessary. All through the revival period, it is very vital to remain hydrated.

What Happens During A Sleeve Gastrectomy?

In a sleeve gastrectomy, a bariatric surgeon will take out around 60 to 70 percent of your tummy. The leftover part of the tummy will be formed like a sleeve, which will be your new stomach. The quantity of food you eat at a time will be restricted from this point onwards. Since your temporary diet is restricted to fluids, your body will start to get used to the alterations in food consumption.

More about the Recovery Period

Going through a sleeve gastrectomy in Las Cruces is a big decision. It is a weight loss procedure that is performed at a medical center and involves general anesthesia.

As the surgeons make many tiny incisions rather than one big incision, the recovery period for a gastric sleeve or bypass surgery is not very long. You’ll be limited to a low-calorie diet for the first two weeks following the surgery. During the first few weeks, you’ll possibly feel worn-out and exhausted. Watch your body and get a sufficient amount of rest. Also, remember that while you begin reviving after some weeks, you’ll start adding soft foods to your diet.

Learn More: Reasons You’re Not Losing Weight After Gastric Sleeve Surgery

It can be annoying to see no results after a major weight loss surgery like gastric sleeve. There can be several reasons for not reducing weight following the surgery. Here are a few of them:

  1. Eating too much or too less
  2. Not having enough water
  3. Not adhering to the post-op diet
  4. Consuming alcohol
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