July 5, 2021

Is alcohol harmful to the skin?

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Is alcohol harmful to the skin

What alcohol does to your skin? If you see that your skin appears a bit redder after excessive drinking, there is an easy scientific reason. Alcohol inflames the skin tissue and raises the blood flow to your skin cells that could make you look unhealthy and reddened for some days. Read further to understand deeply how alcohol effect on skin.

Effects of alcohol on skin

A high intake of alcohol can leave you with an all-mighty hangover the following day. Poor sleep, thumping temples, and a nauseous tummy are only a few effects of alcohol, but what are the sideeffects of alcoholon skin? Inflammation and dehydration are the major side effects of heavy alcohol consumption on the skin.

Dehydration from alcohol can lead to dullness, dryness, wrinkles, sagging skin, enlarged pores, and loss of suppleness. Inflammation due to alcohol can cause rosacea, blotchiness, acne, puffiness, redness, etc.

Alcoholic drinks which are harmful to the skin

  1. Clear spirits

Drinks that are light in colour like gin, tequila, and vodka have the slightest quantity of additives and are processed with the body quickest. It signifies that they need to have the slightest effect on the skin, thus, lessening possible damage.

  1. Cocktails

Cocktails like Cosmopolitans, Pornstar Martinis, etc., are not good for the skin as they contain a lot of sugar and could cause swelling, which augments cell damage and is a reason for acne. Intake of high sugar content could also make your skin appear pale and dull.

  1. White wine

It is sad to say, but white wine tends to contain excess sugar that can result in bloating and inflamed skin.

  1. Red wine

Irrespective of the fact that red wine is the healthiest option of alcoholic drink as it comprises antioxidants, it is, in reality, the most detrimental for the skin.

As red wine is not filtered, the kidneys and liver need to function harder in order to process it, and it is the most expected alcoholic drink to bring redness, flushing, and blemished skin.

Choose mocktails over cocktails

Only because you are not drinking alcohol does not mean that you cannot have a fancy cocktail: mocktail. In many cafes and bars, you can find non-alcoholic options for cocktails. You can even find abundant non-alcoholic wines and beers that are available.

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