August 14, 2020

Is HCG An Effective Way To Lose Weight?

  • by Jerry Watson
  • 1 year ago
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HCG refers to human chorionic gonadotropin a hormone that is produced by women during pregnancy. This weight loss method was recommended by Dr Albert Simeons in 1954. This hormone has a very specific function to play during the pregnancy period. It prevents abnormal accumulation of fat in the fetus.

HCG is available as a weight loss supplement in multiple forms including but not limited to HCG Drops, sprays and pellets. HCG could be purchased online without any need for prescription.

The question however is whether HCG diet is an effective way to lose weight. Does HCG Diet it really work? If you are thinking of embracing this diet, you might want to first find out whether this works and if it works, how it works. HCG diet is gaining popularity among all age groups.

A person who takes medicine in high quantity may suffer from body heat and they have to look for how to reduce body heat immediately or consult with their doctor about this. Otherwise, they may call more health problems in their body.

If you are using this strategy to lose weight, you should first go on a recommended low calorie diet. Your daily calorie intake should be less than 500 calories. Proponents of HCG diet claim that when you go on a low calorie diet while taking HCG drops, your body will start using the fat reserves for its energy needs instead of burning the energy from the lean muscle mass.

Some say that those who are on HCG diet lose weight not because of the HCG drops but it is mainly because of the daily low calorie intake. Those who follow the HCG diet do experience significant weight loss. It is recommended that three drops of HCG is placed under the tongue three times a day. No food or drink should be taken for the next fifteen minutes so that the HCG drops is gradually consumed.

While it may be true that a significant loss of weight is experienced due to the reduced calorie intake, what needs to be taken into account is that the weight loss is due to the loss of fat in the body and not the lean muscle mass. This is where HCG comes as a game changer. HCG helps the body to access the fat stores of the body first instead of lean muscle mass. In normal circumstances, body will first try to burn the lean muscle mass for its energy needs. Low calorie diet without HCG drops would have resulted only in loss of lean muscle mass.

If you want to lose weight through HCG diet, you need to source your HCG from trusted suppliers. You can order your HCG online and have it delivered to you in discreet packaging. Selecting trusted sources is key to your success in weight loss. HCG drops and sprays are available in numerous online stores but not all of them are made equal. Finding the right store to buy authentic HCG diet will help in achieving the weight loss results that you would like to achieve. You can experience fast results by following the dosage correctly. Allow your body to respond to the HCG diet before you could start seeing the expected weight loss results.

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