April 9, 2022

Is iverheal the same as ivermectin?

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Yes, iverheal and ivermectin are the same as they both contain the same medicine.

Ivermectin, which is found in iverheal, is an active component used to treat parasite infections. Treating parasitic infections in people who have a low immunity system will help them to increase their quality of living. It also helps decrease the development of any severe life-threatening infections. The medication works by killing the parasite or paralyzing the parasite. Buy at iverheal 12 mg product here at cheap price.

What is ivermectin?

An anti-parasitic drug that is used to treat parasite infection or tropical disease is called Ivermectin. It was used for veterinary purposes and was later started to be used for humans. It was used to treat head lice, scabies, onchocerciases, and more.

The medicine is available as a tablet that can be taken orally or as an ointment on top of the affected area of the skin.

How the medication works

The nerve and muscle cells of a parasite are attacked by ivermectin. Drugs that act in a similar way are often used to treat conditions that are similar to the above-mentioned infection. It also stops the adult parasite to reproduce larvae for some time. The medicine binds a few parts of the parasite which results in the parasite either getting paralyzed or killed.


Always inform your doctor about the allergic history as this medication contains inactive ingredients which may cause allergic reactions. Intake of alcohol or any type of drug should be stopped as it may interfere and make you dizzier. Take the medicine only if it is absolutely necessary during pregnancy or breastfeeding.

Side effects

Few side effects of ivermectin include headache, constipation, joint pain, muscle ache, nausea, etc.

Always make sure to visit your doctor when symptoms get severe or last for a long time.

Allergic reaction to ivermectin is rare but if any allergic reaction occurs get medical help immediately. Allergic reactions include rashes, severe dizziness, or shortness of breath.


Make sure to follow your doctor’s prescribed amount of dose. At least before an hour make sure to take the medicine on an empty stomach before food or after 2 hours of food intake. Make sure to take the tablets until the prescribed time as it is common when taking ivermectin to feel better halfway. Make sure not to miss a dose. But if missed, take the tablets immediately if there is an ample amount of time to take the next dose. If not, skip the dose. Do not intake 2 doses at a time.

The tablets should be used for 6 to 12 months for river blindness (onchocerciases). For scabies, it depends on the type of scabies. It is mostly two doses that are 8 to 15 days apart.

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