May 15, 2021
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Know All About The Wrist Pain Symptoms and How to Manage Them?

  • by Feris William
  • 1 year ago
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Any type of discomfort in the wrist is known as wrist pain. Sudden injuries, fractures, and sprains can contribute to wrist pain. However, wrist pain can also be caused by long-term issues, carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, repetitive stress, etc. Since the factors to wrist pain are endless, diagnosing the major cause of the same might be challenging. However, diagnosing wrist pain accurately is essential to get rid of all the wrist pain symptoms (อาการ ปวด ข้อ มือ, which is the term in Thai) you are facing and its healing.

What To Know About Wrist Pain Symptoms?

Wrist pain might differ, based on what has caused it. For instance, wrist pain that is a result of osteoarthritis might have symptoms similar to a dull toothache. However, when the wrist pain caused due to carpal tunnel syndrome might have tingling sensation-like symptoms, especially during the night.

Taking Control Of The Wrist Pain Symptoms

For as long as you are not suffering from serious wrist pain, and you are not having any other symptoms that demand medical attention, then there are some of the ways that you can handle your wrist pain.

Keep Away From Activities That Worsen Your Pain

Stay away from all the activities that might be worsening your wrist pain. The activities might range from tightening a bolt using a screwdriver, sketching, or lifting heavy-weight items. Try changing some of the activities you perform regularly to eradicate the strain off your wrists. A good amount of conditions associated with wrist pain wouldn’t recuperate until you take some rest and stop performing certain activities.

Keep Your Splints On

Keeping the splints on can render support to your wrists and you can a lot of them when you are undertaking your routine activities. And the remaining of them can be used when you are either resting or sleeping. By consulting a physiotherapist or even a hand therapist you will be guided on what type of splint would be helpful for you and how to accurately use them.

Avoid Keeping Your Wrists Still

When you move your wrists along with the fingers all the time, there’s a possibility that a majority of your stiffness and pain would subside. The continuous movement of your wrist can also maintain the strength, functionality, and movement of your hand.

Wrist pain symptoms get better with time and regular exercise. However, you should meet a doctor in case your pain isn’t subsiding even within a fortnight or is getting worse with a passing day. Pain getting stiff especially in the morning and keeping you from various activities followed by weakness also demands a doctor’s consultation.

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