January 15, 2021
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The Known Treatments That Help With Asymmetrical Eyes

  • by Feris William
  • 1 year ago
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When eyes are not of the same shape, size and it is not at the same levels, they are commonly known as asymmetrical eyes (ตา ไม่ เท่า กัน, which is the term in Thai). An individual might not be conscious about their eyes but others would and this might sometimes happen due to any underlying medical condition which should be addressed as soon as possible. Here are some possible treatments that one could go for or what you can do at home which would reduce the asymmetrical lines of the eyes.


There are ways with makeup by which you could make your eyes look a lot more symmetrical. With the help of highlighting, contouring, and other techniques you could easily hide those uneven eyes. Any powder or eyebrow pencil could do wonders. There are so many tutorials available which would help you and experts too who can help you in the cosmetic department with your eyes.

Going For Brow Lifting

This also goes by the name of forehead lift or forehead rejuvenation. This is a very popular cosmetic surgery which helps with brow lifting helping in bringing the eyes along the same straight line. There are various segregation of this surgical technique and is done by a cosmetic surgeon with general anesthesia. You would come across the three variations- hairline brow lift, coronal one along with the endoscopic brow lift.


Botox is not just meant for uplifting the skin, making it leaner, but can help with asymmetrical eyes but most of the time is a temporary fix. Usually, asymmetrical eyes look like so because the line of the eyebrow is uneven. And Botox is a non-surgical way of getting things right. This is an injectable muscle relaxer which helps in relaxing the muscles that are surrounding the brows offering an even look. Usually, they last for four months and a maximum of five months.


This is a cosmetic surgery which looks after shaping the uneven eyelids. Now, if the excess skin or even fat, the tissue is causing an asymmetrical look, it could be removed with this surgery from the lower or the upper eyelids. There are bruising after this surgery but will give lifelong results.

Orbital Surgery

It is the surgery of your eye socket- the orbit. Any orbit will consist of four bone walls including the optic nerve, fat along with your eyeball, the eye muscles. If any serious injury happens or trauma, only then the surgery is performed.

Therefore, these are some of the treatments that one could take professional help from and makeup procedures to try at home that helps with asymmetrical eyes.

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