December 1, 2020

Things to Do for a Faster Recovery After Gastric Sleeve Surgery

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If you have finally decided to undergo gastric sleeve surgery to help you shed some weight from your body, then you may have some doubts in your mind, let’s say, how to recover from gastric sleeve surgery, what would be your daily schedule, diet, and a lot more questions.

To help you cope with all those questions and doubts, we have some helpful tips to keep in mind to have a more comfortable gastric sleeve recovery.

Tips for recovering from gastric sleeve surgery

Understand that, after the Gastric sleeve surgery, 60-70% of your stomach is removed, and your new tummy size is of a baby’s size. Similarly, you have to eat and take care of that little tummy like a baby before undergoing gastric sleeve in Mexico or anywhere consult different surgeons and doctors.

  • Regular Walking is recommended: The majority of the doctors and surgeons recommend that you start walking as soon as you are done with your surgery. Early Walking encourages your lungs to take long, deep breathes and reduces other pulmonary diseases’ risks. It also helps in improved bowel movement.
  • New Diet Plans: While recovering from your gastric sleeve surgery, you will have to make one of the most significant changes in your food diet. You will be following a liquid diet and a soft food diet for a few months after your surgery. When your stomach is healed, then you will gradually start the intake of solid food.
  • Feel yourself: After your gastric sleeve surgery, you will feel a different mixture of emotions from Happiness to anxiety in minutes. You may panic too, and all of this is normal, as you have undergone one significant procedure that will affect your daily lifestyle. So it’s okay to feel such things and discuss it with your surgeon and doctors to make yourself comfortable.
  • Steady Recovery: You don’t have to rush everything to get back to your old routine. Gastric sleeve surgery is one major surgery. It is best to start everything slowly and steadily move towards working out. Start with a slow exercise routine, and light cardio. But before doing anything, it’s best to consult your surgeon to avoid any complications.

Gastric sleeve surgery is one major procedure, and it is best to go for the best gastric sleeve in Mexicoto have less complicated surgery. Surf the internet and look for the best surgeons and consult them. You can also visit for further assistance on this procedure.

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