August 12, 2020
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  • Three Important Things to Look for When Choosing Musician Earplugs 

Three Important Things to Look for When Choosing Musician Earplugs 

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While anyone can pick up an instrument and produce sound, only a great musician ear knows what quality music is like. Sure, passion and talent matter; however, the ability to efficiently sew sounds together and make an impact on the audience takes a great pair of ears. Thus, it is imperative to ensure you don’t get a fractured hearing. 

As a musician, you are constantly exposed to loud noise, which increases your risk of ear damage. However, keeping your ear protected is one thing and finding the right musician earplug is another. Apart from double-checking the label and ensuring it is not a bouchons baignade Audiologie, there are things you must look for in your musician earplugs:

Efficiency in Blocking Harmful Sounds

When your ears are exposed to loud sounds for a long time, your ears can get damaged. You may start to show symptoms of tinnitus, hearing loss, or sensitivity to sound. Therefore, when buying musician earplugs, you want to ensure they function as expected, which means block harmful sounds. But, because earplugs tend to vary on the level of noise, they protect your ear from, you must look for the one that is relative to your intended use. Your ideal attenuation level depends on the instrument you play and the type of musician you are. 

  • 10dB. This is ideal for those who play a woodwind instrument, guitarists, and vocalists. 
  • 15dB. This is what you need if you play bass and the guitar. 
  • 25dB. This is perfect for concert-goers, percussionists, and drummers. 


Usually, using a concealed pair of earplugs will make you more confident in front of your audience. There are a lot of great options with some being transparent. 

The Ability to Keep Essential Sounds In

The right earplugs let you hear your own music, letting you produce the music for your audience. Thus, the perfect musician earplugs must be able to attenuate noise without distorting it. 


Musician earplugs that feature zero sound distortion, concealability, and the right attenuation make you feel comfortable with them. They should not slip out of your ear, particularly when doing so much movement during a performance. Because the size, shape, and form of your ears are unique, you need to look for the right earplug that fits perfectly and won’t create an uncomfortable feeling in your ears or fall out. Keep in mind that earplugs cannot be tuned as you can your musical instruments. Thus, you must wear the right one to get the protection and keep the same level of hearing you need for your craft. 

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