September 20, 2021

Tips for Growing Weed Outdoors for Beginners

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Growing your cannabis is a fun and exciting process that gives a good yield and a pleasant experience. How good the experience, that much challenging the growing process is.

Newbies with limited resources have a hard time growing their plants indoors or in greenhouse settings. Therefore, the ideal condition for them is to grow the plant outdoors.

Learning how to grow outdoors properly can help you save a lot of money and give you good yields. Growing outdoors is a challenge for newbies and professionals alike if the ideal conditions are not met.

Therefore, we have come up with this article to help you understand how to cultivate weed outdoors for beginners. Before we start the topic, there are several things you should keep in mind before growing weed outdoors.

Is growing weed outdoors legal in your area?

Though many states have legalized weed here in the USA, under federal law, the consumption of marijuana is still considered illegal. Therefore, you should be familiar with the marijuana laws in your state before you grow weed outdoors.

For example, you can grow five plants in Canada, six in the Netherlands, and unlimited plants in South Africa. Similarly, for recreational purposes, you can grow weed in Alaska, California, Colorado, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Nevada, Vermont, and Washington D.C.

Understand how many plants you can grow and whether you need a medical prescription for rowing weed.

Is growing weed outdoors worth the effort?

Growing weed outdoors is always advisable because of the following reasons: –

  1. They cost less- Every condition that can need to create indoors is already present outdoors at free of cost. The biggest savings will be on the energy bill for keeping the lights off during the day.
  2. Good yield- Since the weed growing outdoors are not restricted by space, the roots can go underneath to their full potential. This helps the plants absorb all the nutrients, water, and air, giving a good yield. Also, some of the plants give higher yields when grown outdoors. For such plants, you must always grow them outdoors.
  3. High-quality bud- Since the plants grown outdoors get warm sunlight, air, and fresh nutrients, they develop good trichomes. These trichomes enhance the flavor of the bud and make it more potent.

Equipment’s and stages of growing outdoors

Without proper equipment’s you cannot start farming seeds. Hence, the most important equipment you need is cannabis seeds, clones, soil, fertilizers, nutrients, water, pesticides, and shovels.

There are four main stages of growing weed, and they are as follows: –

  1. Germination- In this stage, the seed is exposed to moisture and is kept at a constant temperature of around 65℉. Professional growers keep their seeds indoor for up to a month before bringing them outdoors.
  2. Vegetative stage- During this stage, the plant is bought outdoors, and the plants get used to the outdoor environment. During the vegetative stage, be careful to protect your plants from pests and insects. If you want to train your plant, then the vegetative stage is the best time to train.
  3. Flowering stage-During the flowering stage, the plants need an ample amount of light. While in the case of regular seeds, you need to cut down the males. The autoflower plants will enter the flowering stage on their own and start flowering.
  4. Harvest stage- Once the fan leaves become yellow and the trichomes change their color from white to amber, you will know it is time to harvest. When the plant reaches the harvesting stage, you will get an idea of how good your plant is.

Choosing the right soil for outdoor growth

When you choose soil, keep in mind that the common soil you find contains clay, sand, and silt. For growing cannabis, you need to have acidic soil with organic matter.

Before you start planting the crops, you must understand the type of soil you have. Different soils have different reactions to plants.

For example, if your soil is clay-rich, then it won’t hold on to the oxygen that well. If your soil is sand-rich, then in wet climates, the nutrients will be washed off easily. If your soil is silt-rich, it can hold the nutrients properly and easily drain the nutrients better than clay.

If you’re not sure of the soil, you can always grow the plants in big containers with soil mixtures ideal for growing weed. You can use organic fertilizers such as manure, compost tea, etc.

Choosing the right nutrients for outdoor growth

Weed requires three main nutrients for proper growth and development: Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium. The amount of these fertilizers depends on the strain you plant and the composition of the soil.

Commercial fertilizers are designed keeping in mind the specific needs of home growers. There are several types, and as per your experience and need, you can buy any one of the fertilizers.

You can also buy liquid fertilizers. These are the best option for newbies and experienced alike, as you need not worry about the soil absorbing the nutrients. Water them, and the plants will get the essential nutrients needed to thrive outdoors.

You can also buy organic fertilizers, as these are self-regulatory, meaning you never have to worry about adding excess or fewer nutrients to the plants.

Watering the cannabis plants

Like any other crop, cannabis also needs water for survival. When grown outdoors, you need not worry about water, as the rainwater will take care of that problem.

Although, if you live in a region with minimum rainfall, then you need to make it a point to water them from time to time.

Do not underwater or overwater the plants. You can check whether the plant needs water by sticking your finger one inch deep in the soil. If the soil is wet, then there is no need to water. If the soil is dry, then you need to add water.

Some growers also put polymer crystals in the soil to ensure that the plants get good water throughout the time.

Protecting the plants from pests and insects

You should keep your plants safe from pests and insect attacks when growing outdoors. This is one of the biggest concerns of growing weed or any other plant.

You can keep your plants safe by spraying them with pesticides. People do not prefer spraying harmful pesticides as it diminishes the experience of getting high-quality buds. You can use organic pesticides to ensure your plant is 100% safe.

For example, spray neem oil around the plants. Neem oil acts as an excellent pesticide and can help protect your plant from hundred different types of pests and insect attacks.

During each stage, pay very close attention to the leaves for any signs of mold, rots, spider mites, etc. If you encounter such problems, it is always advised to ask a professional about a long-term solution and get rid of it for good.

Wrapping up

These points will help you grow cannabis outdoors and also help you get good high-quality weed. Our team at Homegrown Cannabis Co will continue adding insightful posts to help you in your weed growing objective.

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