March 20, 2021

Top 10 Weirdest Names for Cannabis Strains

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Do you ever wonder if some strains are bought at the dispensary just because the name is way out there? It is hard to tell, but the anticipation grows when you know you will smoke something with a freaky name.  Maybe it makes it more special? Or it could be psychosomatic; the name of the cannabis enhances our expectation of something great.  No one gets excited over a strain called “Norm.”

The following ten strains of cannabis are some of the most popular selling in the United States.  They have defined attributes that people love.  And saying the name is also part of the fun.

  1. Purple Monkey Balls

While it is one of the most popular strains of cannabis in the world, no one knows where Purple Monkey Balls came from.  And no one has stepped up to claim the credit.  Cannabis growers say that Purple Monkey Balls were probably developed from strains like Mendo Purps and Deep Chunk. says that If you feel like smoking some Purple Monkey Balls, it is a strain that averages 19% THC.  And while it can have different effects depending on potency, according to Wikileaf, the strain usually provides relaxation while being alert. Weird right?  Also, this is not the strain to share with your most chatty friend.  Purple Monkey Balls make people feel super social.  They’ll never shut up.

  1. CannaSutra

Two guesses what this cannabis strain is known for. And the first guess doesn’t count.  As you know, some strains contain a mix of cannabinoids and terpenes that make sex more enjoyable, usually by providing a body high that increases sensitivity to touch.

CannaSutra, however, goes a step further. The Indica dominant strain comes from Reclining Buddha and Sensi Star.  It sharpens the senses and puts the ‘giddy’ in your ‘giddy up’ for enhanced sentimental and romantic feelings.  Perfect for date night.

  1. Dopium

The Dopium cannabis strain is Sativa Dominant, and it is a Diesel-Chem hybrid. The terpenes in this strain will make you want to stick your nose in your baggy and hyperventilate for a while.  As the name suggests, Dopium carries an almost narcotic-like punch with deep cerebral effects.  Get ready to think big thoughts, or write that screenplay for Netflix. In the first hour of your high, anyhow.

By the time the second hour of Dopium passes, you are ready for bed.  That is pretty normal for a strong Sativa. And because it has a sedating dismount after you smoke, it’s best toked during the evening or on weekends when you don’t have to go anywhere.

  1. Barack O Bubba

It is always about politics, isn’t it? Oh yeah, we went there.  Former U.S. President Barack Obama has joked about using cannabis in college.  But only college. And unlike Clinton almost thirty-years ago, he did inhale.  Come on, Bill, who doesn’t inhale?

Barack O Bubba is an homage to the former President. It is a loose density bud, with plenty of orange hairs and fibers throughout. It provides a very relaxing full-body buzz.  And a euphoric cerebral head high as well. Buckle up for the impact on the body and brain.  It is a goofy psychoactive effect that has a high probability of munchies and cravings, like other Bubba strains.

  1. Crouching Tiger Hidden Alien (CTHA)

Called CTHA for short (in case the long name intimidates), this strain is unique. It was created as a hybrid from Tiger’s Milk and Starfighter.  Powerful terpenes smell and taste spicy, with a hint of pine.  Within a short period of time, the sedative effects start.  Crouching Tiger Hidden Alien is great for people who have chronic pain and insomnia.  It is a Mike Tyson-level knock-out. Smoke, go to the bathroom, drink some water, and tuck in for bed.

  1. Chernobyl

Can you believe it has been thirty-five years since the global nuclear disaster that was Chernobyl?  Maybe you weren’t alive then, but for us older folks, it was a big deal.  The explosion that sends radioactive chemicals across Russia and neighboring countries.  If you don’t know the history, it was a big nuclear meltdown.

Appropriately, so is the Chernobyl strain of cannabis. And it is no wonder since the hybrid was created from the Trainwreck, Jack the Ripper, and Trinity strains. Averaging 16% to 22% THC, Chernobyl hits your brain like a nuclear impact.  It is a fun high for recreational use and provides euphoria within a few minutes of smoking.  After the initial launch, Chernobyl cannabis settles the sensory a bit, allowing people to focus and sharpen their thoughts.  Somewhere in the middle, you will become extremely social, happy, and talkative.  Tell your friends to put in their AirPods if it gets weird.

  1. Zombie Death F*ck

Wondering why anyone would ever want to smoke a strain of cannabis named Zombie Death F*ck? It was pheno crossed with OG Kush and GSC. It has a sweet and fruity flavor profile.  Get ready to clean your bong because ZDF creates high-volume deposits of resin.  It has an average potency of 23% THC.

Zombie Death F*ck has a name that might serve as a little warning.  This is not the strain for beginners who have a low tolerance. This strong Sativa packs a punch.  And then knocks you right out. But it is a nice kind of knock-out punch.

  1. Hulkberry

Named after the Incredible Hulk, you can’t expect Hulkberry to be a passive kind of strain.  It has the popular #3 phenotype, and it looks like OG bud with some light strawberry scents.  It was the High Times Cannabis Cup winner in 2014.  The lineage is Bruce Banner, OG Kush, and Strawberry Diesel, and it was cultivated in Colorado.

This strain is gooey, which means that Hulkberry produces a high amount of resin. It has an average of 28% THC content, and it is a 65% Indica hybrid. It has an infamous body-numbing effect.  Lead arms? You bet. Which also makes it good for people who have chronic pain and insomnia. After it numbs feelings of inflammation, it’s time for bed.

  1. Afgooey

Called Afgoo for short, this cannabis strain is a highly potent Indica. It is a little bit of a mystery where it came from, but cultivators think the hybrid was developed from Afghani and Maui Haze.  It does provide immense mood-lifting feelings and creativity.  It has an earth and pine flavor, and it is predominantly grown indoors in the United States.

People who have reviewed this strain on Leafly claim that it is excellent for post-smoke pain relief.  It is also good for stress relief after a long hard day.  It is a sticky weed (hence the ‘gooey’), which means many terpenes, flavonoids, and resins—tasty smoke when you want to feel no pain.

  1. White Girl OG

White girls can’t dance? This strain might be able to help.  The White Girl OG cannabis is super hard to find.  So, if you see it at your local dispensary, nab it fast.  It is grown in small quantities, and it sells out quickly because of some of the awesome psychoactive properties of the strain.

Flavonoids on high alert, this strain tastes and smells like a tart berry, with a dank side of skunk.   In other words, delicious. The THC potency of the strain varies widely from 13% to 30%. The hybrid was developed from Berry White and Girl Scout Cookies.

White Girl OG effects can come on fast and start with body-tingling sensations. It is an uppity trip on this strain, as it produces a highly social and energetic effect. Deep thoughts but not sedating, White Girl OG is a combination of different phases of effects. From cerebral energetic to warming body-buzz, and then a slight calmness.  It will keep you awake, and it is a popular strain to smoke at parties.





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