April 22, 2021
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Understand the Essential Options for Taking Care of the Males

  • by Clare Louise
  • 9 Months ago
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With an increase in the care of men with their own bodies, the industry has invested heavily and has had results. Understand why the variety of cosmetics for men grows every day.

Cosmetics for men

It was time that men only wore perfume, shaved, and cut hair. (This was all their beauty ritual). Currently, men seek to take care of themselves more, and they already constitute up to 1/3 of the consultations in dermatological offices.

The industry invested in specific products to treat and care for men’s skin, producing clear lines for them. This also happened with the major brands of products and cosmetics.

Cosmetics for men

The country has essential participation in the male cosmetics market, occupies the second position in the world ranking, according to a study. But why should men’s and women’s cosmetics be any different? Is it just a marketing ploy to sell more? Not my dear readers. Really, these men who want to take care of themselves have characteristics and desires different from ours. For skincare for men, you need to be specific.

Care for men is different from that for women. After all, the skin, in general, is extra, they want more subtle treatments, but they don’t like to waste a lot of time with this care, etc.

For example, men’s skin tends to be oilier than women’s. And men do not tolerate the sensation of smeared skin at all. (We know that we women hate it too, but we tolerate it a lot more than they do). Thus, men’s sunscreens contain substances that treat greasiness and have the driest cosmetic possible, which absorb quickly.

The Examples for You

Another example is body moisturizers. Men, in general, have a lot of body hair, which makes it challenging to apply moisturizers in cream. Thus, the male lines launched moisturizers in lotion or spray that facilitate the product’s application and does not leave the skin sticky, as the skin more quickly absorbs them.

The skin of men, in general, is thicker than the skin of a woman, so male anti-wrinkle cosmetics may have a slightly higher concentration of assets to ensure the effectiveness of the product.

They are much more “practical,” so when men’s cosmetics are multifunctional, they are perfect for them. An example would be the aftershave lotion to soothe, prevent and treat beard irritation (folliculitis), moisturize, and even treat wrinkles.


In addition to all these differences, the industries are attentive to the smell of the product, the shape of the packaging (men do not like pots, they like tubes), and also the color of the packaging (usually for this audience, the colors are black, silver and blue).

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