October 24, 2020
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Understanding pharmaceutical research and development studies

  • by Feris William
  • 2 Years ago
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Pharmaceutical research and development studies are designed to test the effects of medicines or for treatment in a group of volunteers. These studies monitor and measure the drug’s ability in treating the patients. It also checks whether the drug possesses any side effects on patients. The pharmaceutical industry or other health organization provides funds and designs protocols for the research studies.

Different types of pharmaceutical research studies

There are three phases or steps in doing research studies. All three phases are very important and must be completed before a new drug can be approved.

Phase I

In phase I, a small number of healthy volunteers participate. The phase I studies are done on those healthy volunteers who agree to take the drug. This helps the doctors to study and test the safety and side effects of the drugs. Studies are also done to determine how the drug is absorbed, metabolized and excreted. Mostly all the new drugs will pass this phase.

Phase II

In phase II several hundred patients participate. Here the study measures the effects of a new drug in patients with disease that has to be treated. It is important to determine the safety and effectiveness of the new drug. Phase II studies are double-blinded, randomized and controlled. The effect of the active drug is compared to the effect of placebo. In double-blinded studies, no one will know who is getting the active drug and the placebo medication. Phase I and II are mostly completed by one-third of the studied drugs.

Phase III

Phase III studies use a large number of patients. It also has patients with a disorder to treat by giving them the new drug. These studies provide more information and are done to gain the benefits and the side effects of the drug. Most of the drugs complete this phase. If the result of the drug is good the company will submit the data and request FDA approval for marketing the drug.

Benefits of pharmaceutical research and development studies

The pharmaceutical research studies help to get good medicine which undergoes different phases of pharmaceutical research. Once the drug is approved for public use it can be very useful in treating the disorders among the patients.

Who is eligible in a pharmaceutical research study?

Each study has its requirements. You must meet the requirements of a Particular study in which you are interested. To become a pharmaceutical scientist, earn your bachelor’s degree first and should have a strong base in subjects like biology, chemistry and mathematics. One who wishes to pursue this as a career you should major in any one of the following,

  • Pharmacy
  • Medicine
  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Engineering

The next is you have to earn a master’s, medical, or pharmacy degree. Advance research positions require a doctorate and some years of experience in research.

Final thoughts

Therefore the pharmaceutical research and development studies produce more numbers of drugs that help in curing and preventing diseases most possibly and safely. They also see the safety, compliance and efficiency while manufacturing and testing the medicines.

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