April 8, 2021

Visa Extension during COVID-19 Outbreak 

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Among the many restrictions that the COVID-19 pandemic has brought worldwide is the ever-strict travel protocols that added to the people who travel. Because of the virus’s fast transmission, delayed or rescheduled flights, and flight bans were in effect, travelers need to undergo fit to fly COVID tests, and present COVID fit to fly certificates for clearance before actual flights.

Aside from all that, people and governments worldwide have had problems in terms of visa expiration and overstaying of many travelers, which resulted in allowing the application for visa extension and penalty lifts for stranded travelers.

Getting a Visa During COVID-19

In the UK, foreign nationals can apply for a visa extension on their third month as visitors. The extension can range from a month to three upon application if found eligible. On the other hand, travelers who are supposed to go back to home countries but are unable due to travel restrictions, like those that went through a fit to fly COVID test, are immediately reported to the CIT or Coronavirus Immigration Team. Take note that applications for visa extensions must be made before the visa expires.

Visa Overstay in the UK

Overstayer is a term used for travelers who spent more than the time indicated in their visa. The UK gives an overstayer a total of 30 days from the visa expiration date to leave the country. Still, the government decided that should these overstayers fail to leave the country during the allotted time because of the pandemic, presentation of evidence to the government. For further instruction, people are directed to the guidelines posted on GOV.UK.

Should travelers worry about themselves being overstayers, they can contact their nearest embassy to ask for help.

For other visa concerns, check out this Harley Medic International infographic to learn more.

Visa Extension during COVID-19 Outbreak UK Harleymedic Infographic


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