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  • What are the biggest challenges cancer doctors are facing today?

What are the biggest challenges cancer doctors are facing today?

  • by Jerry Watson
  • 1 month ago
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A group of diseases that involve abnormal cell growth is known as Cancer. Certainly, it has the potential to occupy and spread itself to neighbouring parts of the body. This is slightly distinct from benign tumours. This is because benign tumours do not portray the tendency to spread.

The most common symptoms of cancer are lumps, abnormal bleeding, prolonged cough, unexplained weight loss, and alterations in bowel movements. These are the symptoms that demonstrate cancer, but there can also be other causes. More than one hundred types of cancers affect human beings. People residing in Delhi NCR can pay visits to one of the best oncologist in Noida which happens to be Dr Vikas Goswami.

Biggest Challenges faced by Cancer Doctors

  • The first challenge comes into play between the doctor and the patient. The doctor and patient relationship are considered sacred. It is extremely special. It is inclusive of trust, hope as well as confidentiality. When a patient looks for the best oncologist in Noida for the first time, he or she might feel scared or might end up panicking. Here, the cancer doctor might face two challenges.

The first one is that the doctor has to take care of his patient’s emotional needs as well. The second challenge would be Communication skills. The best oncologist in Noida knows how to use communication skills as well as empathy to address his or her patient and build extreme trust between the two. The communication must take place as well as without any sort of ambiguity in between. The medium of language must be of what the patient and the family of the patient would easily understand. The cancer doctor should be sensitive to the psychological as well as social needs of the patient as well as the family.

  • Ethical practices: The second challenge comes into play with ethical practices. We are well aware that merely the availability of good and advanced technology is not the only reason why we use it. We must examine shrewdly the time, place and conditions to utilize it. The cost-benefit ratio is an essential aspect as well.

It is extremely important to have an assessment for technology as well as evidence-based practices. This is done to have a vivid scientific basis for the determination of them being cost-effective. This often remains in theory and not under practicality, thereby, the patient gets victimized.

  • The value of multidisciplinary management has been documented in oncologic care. The knowledge of members of the team must be good enough and they must be skilled. For the interactions on common terms and communication in their language, this interaction is necessary. These concepts go farther than mere survival. These include standard and quality of living and so on.
  • Cancer is a very complicated disease. The heterogeneity here suggests that the physician has the epiphany that two cancers are not alike, this happens quite early on in their practice. So, the biggest challenge here is the inability to prognosticate the consequences of treatment.

It doesn’t matter whether it is in the form of surgery, chemo or radiotherapy. The technology of molecular and atomic biology has certainly opened new doors in the field of prevention, diagnosis, detection, stage, and so on. These have particularly assisted in the formulation of treatment plans which is based on the physiology of tumor acting against the background of the host milieu.

  • Palliative care: One of the most important components of the cancer control arena is known as palliative care, which is also quite often regarded as a speciality, it acts as a challenge and here is why. Something to consider here is the fact that the two patients are very distinct in their requirements and their responses. So, it is quite clear that this sphere of palliative care should be multidisciplinary.

This is the only way it can touch the benchmark of success. There must be a perfect balance of equilibrium of delicate and sensitivity for professional as well as social care in science. The patient sometimes requires surgical interventions, including radiation or even chemotherapy. At times, these areas may or may not touch the surface of unethical practices. One must visit the best cancer hospital in Noida to get speciality care and treatments.

Cancer Hospital In Noida

A few cancer hospitals in Noida to consider today are:

  1. Hospital Zeeva
  2. Cansupport
  3. Indraprastha Apollo hospital
  4. Fortis Hospital Noida


As mentioned earlier, the people living in Delhi NCR can pay visits to one of the best oncologist in Noida which happens to be Dr Vikas Goswami.

In contemporary times, cancer treatment is not just affordable or accessible but also highly equitable. A few studies put similar treatment to comparison for the same stage and same sites of disease among distinct economic communities. Therefore, you must make a visit to best cancer hospital in Noida to get diagnosis and treatments.

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