April 19, 2021

What are the side effects of mucosolvan?

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I bet every one of us have had the experience of getting a disease that caused us to cough. The most common disease that can exactly cause this to happen is the common cold. Usually, we will visit a nearby clinic in order to solve this cough problem and the doctor will provide medication to help relieve the problem. In fact, most doctors will give a medication under the brand name Mucosolvan. Have you heard about Mucosolvan? Mucosolvan is a medicine that is generally used to treat coughs. Besides, it can also be used to treat common colds because it is said that Mucosolvan has the ability to fight infection. So that is two in one for you. Inside this medicine, there is a main ingredient that is called Ambroxol Hydrochloride. This is a property that is responsible to help relieve your cough. It can stimulate the cilia movement and in turn, facilitates the mucus secretion from our airway passage. Hence, this process will definitely have caused the cough to go away.

Many people have benefited from using this medication. It is reported that this medicine is very good in treating productive cough, a type of cough that comes with phlegm production. Besides, it is also good in treating both acute or chronic cough. Some studies reported that patients with chronic cough problems such as COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) patients experience huge relief with their symptoms. They also reported that this medicine makes them feel good in general apart from decreasing the phlegm and cough frequency. This is the reason why most of the health professionals and doctors tend to choose Mucosolvan when it comes to treating a cough. However, users of this medication also need to be aware about its side effects. Continue reading this article to know more about the side effects of Mucosolvan.

All medicines in this world will have their own side effects. This is also true for Mucosolvan. However, the side effects are usually very mild and do not cause a huge problem. It is usually tolerable for most people. Below is the list of common side effect that you might get if you decided to take Mucosolvan:

  1. Dyspepsia is also known as gastrointestinal disturbances, or simply called indigestion problems. It usually occurs after taking some food or drinks. This is the most common side effect that can occur with Mucosolvan. This symptom will usually cause pain in the upper abdomen. Other symptoms that can be associated with it include bloating, feeling too full, discomfort, nausea and also gas.
  2. The most common side effect that you can get with almost every medication in this world. Usually, this side effect is very mild and it will not lead to a bigger problem.
  3. As mentioned above, taking Mucosolvan can lead to nausea. However, some people that experience severe nausea will likely vomit.
  4. Your abdomen activity might be increased after taking this medication. As a result, you might also get diarrhea.
  5. Abdominal pain. Taking Mucosolvan often leads to abdominal discomfort. If it is too severe, then you might end up having abdominal pain.

Bear in mind that this list is exclusive. Meaning that some other side effects can be experienced by other people and it might not be mentioned here. If you think that you are having continuous side effects that would not go away at all, it is recommended to immediately meet your doctor. Your doctor then will do some checks on you and will guide you on what to do next.

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