May 17, 2021

What Does BOTOX Do To Your Face?

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BOTOX is the most popular and common cosmetic injectable in the United States. Renowned for its wrinkle relaxing results, millions of people undergo BOTOX injections every year. Northwest Face & Body is Bellevue and Kirkland’s top provider of BOTOX injections. With decades of experience in cosmetic injections, Dr. Allegra and his team of physician-trained injectors provide the best BOTOX in Bellevue and Kirkland. While many enjoy the results of BOTOX, patients often ask, “What does BOTOX do to your face?” 

What BOTOX Does

BOTOX Bellevue injections relax facial fine lines and wrinkles. The most common BOTOX treatment areas are the glabella, forehead, and crow’s feet. When injected, BOTOX temporarily prevents some of the movements that cause and contribute to these wrinkle formations. This can both alleviate the look of wrinkles and prevent wrinkles from worsening or appearing. 

Generally, BOTOX is best at treating dynamic wrinkles. Dynamic wrinkles are wrinkles that appear only with movement. For example, when raising your eyebrows, you may notice horizontal wrinkles appear. These are dynamic wrinkles because when you relax the muscle, the wrinkles go away. Over time, these wrinkles may become static, or permanently visible. BOTOX injections can help prevent this. 

How BOTOX Works

To achieve these results and prevent wrinkles, BOTOX harnesses a toxin known as Botulinum toxin A. Outside of the concentrated, controlled form seen in BOTOX, Botulinum toxin A causes botulism. However, BOTOX is perfectly safe because the toxin is delivered in such tiny doses, over targeted areas, and in a concentrated form. 

When injected, BOTOX temporarily creates a partially paralyzed effect of the area. For example, when injected into the forehead, the BOTOX will spread and activate over the next two weeks. During this time, the BOTOX will begin blocking messages from the muscle to the brain to prevent the movements that cause dynamic wrinkles.

You will still be able to move your brows, though raising them may be limited. With that said, patients usually retain the ability to fully emote and it is typically not obvious that BOTOX was performed. 

Long Term Effects Of BOTOX

Patients who use BOTOX over a long period of time may begin seeing some changes in the way they respond to BOTOX or in their face. There are not any known harmful long term effects of BOTOX. However, frequent BOTOX users can develop resistance to injections over time. In these cases, other forms of Botulinum toxin A such as Dysport or Xeomin may prove more effective. 

Additionally, depending on the treatment areas, patients may find they need less BOTOX to achieve the same result. This is especially true for masseter BOTOX for facial thinning. BOTOX gradually thins the muscle to promote longer lasting results. Finally, some patients may find that BOTOX is a great long term wrinkle prevention solution. Since BOTOX prevents dynamic wrinkles, this can prevent further wrinkles from forming or worsening.

The Best BOTOX In Bellevue & Kirkland

BOTOX injections are a skilled art that requires a plastic surgeon or injector with a wide range of injection experience. Dr. Ludwig Allegra is a facial specialist who has helped Eastside patients look their best using surgical and non-surgical methods for decades. Along with his team of qualified injectors, Dr. Allegra performs the best BOTOX Bellevue and Kirkland offers at Northwest Face & Body.

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