November 27, 2020
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  • When the pharmaceutical empathy based selling Offers the Best Results

When the pharmaceutical empathy based selling Offers the Best Results

  • by Micheal Donna
  • 1 year ago
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It is important to know how to master the mechanisms by which one enters into a relationship with the customer. How to win their trust and establish a lasting bond over time.

In marketing and business relationship studies, empathy is increasingly spoken of. In fact, the application of new knowledge in this field is also involving very different areas, in which communication plays an important role. For pharmaceutical empathy based selling this is important.

But what is empathy?

Neuroscience explains that the ability to identify with others is due to mirror neurons and has clarified which biological and cerebral bases give the possibility to understand what the other does, why he does it and what he feels.

  • Having the ability to put oneself on the same wavelength with those in front of us does not mean always becoming available, but mastering the mechanisms by which one enters into relationship with others.
  • There is great interest in empathy in the world of technology as well. Major car brands announce surprising goals that go far beyond the voice recognition step. It was recently announced that from 2022 90% of the cars on the market will be equipped with instruments suitable for interpreting expressions of the driver’s face in addition to the tone of voice. 

There is talk of very advanced systems, with cameras inside the passenger compartment, thanks to which it will be possible to recognize the driver’s expressions. The interior lighting will also be developed to accommodate the mood of the driver, all without even having to say a word. Fatima Vital, Marketing Automotive Director of Nuance Communications said: “We are on track to develop an ’empathic car”.

Now that this future does not even seem so far away, it is clear how important it is already today, particularly in commercial relations, to know in depth the mechanisms of interaction with others, especially in the relationship with the customer.

Classic techniques

Classic sales techniques involve some key steps that remain substantial fixed points.

The welcome

The greeting is always essential. A simple “good morning” or “good evening”, perhaps accompanied by a smile or even a cordial tone are quite another thing than a “Hello”. The latter is not a suitable greeting for a person with whom you do not have a confidential relationship because it manifests a certain intentional detachment and superficiality in greeting.

Customer observation

When a potential customer enters the store, they need to feel comfortable and have time to shop around. You must show yourself available to those who enter, without being on top of them but paying the utmost attention to any direct or indirect requests. The keywords are “attention” and “measure”.

The start of communication

Questions that involve a closed answer, i.e. a Yes or a No, should be avoided. Questions such as “Can I help you?” or “Shall I show you something?” they can end the conversation immediately. On the contrary, open questions such as “How can I help you?” or “How can I help you?” invite the customer to respond and allow you to start a conversation.

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