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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Home Remedies For Gingivitis

Home remedies for gingivitis gum infection. Gingivitis affects the gums. It causes inflammation and leads to redness, swelling and pain on the gums. The teeth are however much less affected and toothache is hardly present in this condition. Gingivitis can be prevented through good oral hygiene. However, once it occurs, it can be relieved using home remedies. It most often occurs in childhood.

                                                                                                                            ( Photo Courtesy: omgdilara )

Home remedies for gingivitis : 

  • Clove : Take a clove and keep it into the mouth for some time. Circulate it around the gums and then spit it out. Cloves are very good for dental hygiene. They numb the mouth, teeth and gums slightly to prevent the sensation of pain. 
  • Lemons : Apply lemon juice to the gums and drink lemon juice too. Also drink juice of citrus fruits like lime and orange. All of these help in keeping the gums healthy. They prevent the further deterioration of gingivitis. 
  • Black tea or green tea : Make tea using some tea bags. Then use those tea bags and place over the gums. This home remedy helps in reducing the redness and inflammation of a gingivitis. 
  • Salt water gargle : Doing a salt water gargle in warm water is useful in many mouth conditions, including gingivitis. 
  • Taking sun : Sit in the sunlight. This boosts the production of Vitamin D in the body which is helpful in the case of teeth or gum disease. 
  • Eat cruciferous foods that naturally help in cleaning plaque from the teeth. These foods are vegetables like cauliflower, cabbage, spinach, kale, broccoli and fruits like mango, guava, strawberries.They keep the teeth very clean and as plaque concentration reduces, gingivitis also relieves. 
  • Neem twig : Brushing with a soft green neem twig is very helpful in gingivitis. Neem tree has very powerful anti-bacterial properties. Neem twig toothbrush can control plaque sitting on the teeth and make teeth healthier. 
  • Chamomile tea : The herb German chamomile is well known for its calming effects on the mind. It can also be used for gingivitis. Just make a tea of chamomile and drink it very slowly, circulating it in the mind. 
  • Tea tree oil : Brush teeth daily using a toothpaste that has tea tree oil as ingredient. 
  • Cumin seeds : Take some cumin seeds and chew in the mouth. This works in reducing the bleeding from the gums and in preventing any weakness due to slow bleeding. Cumin seeds have good iron content which helps the body recover quickly. 
  • Sunflower seed oil can be applied to the gums for getting relief from gingivitis pain. 
  • Sage : This is a herbal remedy for gingivitis. Make an infusion of sage in a large vessel so that it has enough water for gargling throughout the day. Take enough sage leaves and put it into 2 liters of water. Boil this mixture repeatedly to make a strong infusion of sage in water. Then use this as mouthwash several times a day. This should provide relief in gingivitis.
Gingivitis can be prevented by taking less sweets and brushing after eating sweet foods because they stick in the teeth as plaque, which harbors gingivitis. 
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Home Remedies For Healthy Hair

Home remedies for healthy hair. Most of us have some problem or the other with hair, either temporary or permanent. Hair do not generally stay as desired. The most common problems of hair are dry hair, frizz , lightening of color, hair not growing and other such issues. If these problems are eliminated, then hair looks better and stronger.

Many people have weak hair which breaks of upon pulling. These people refrain from combing wet hair and hair looks damaged. To get healthy hair, one should first pay attention to diet and eat healthy.

                                                                                               ( Photo Courtesy: bellafaye8 )

Home remedies for healthy hair : 

  • Use a herbal shampoo alternatively with a regular shampoo : People who use shampoo daily are more susceptible to weaker hair. This can be prevented by using shampoo once or twice a week and opting for a herbal shampoo. 
  • Apply mayonnaise : Coat the hair and scalp in mayonnaise. Keep it that way for some time then wash it off with cold water. This performs a process known as deep conditioning which can be useful in getting healthy hair. 
  • Eggs : Use an egg coat on the hair. Beat an egg and put some olive oil into it. Mix it nicely and then massage onto the scalp. Egg is very nourishing for the scalp. It also conditioners the hair deeply, making them stronger and healthier. 
  • Use coconut oil for hair : Coconut oil is good for the hair roots. It makes them healthier, which eventually promotes hair growth. Hair can grow faster. 
Diet for healthy hair : A simple strategy is select some excellent foods for each vitamin and for each mineral. This ensures that the diet is not lacking in majority of minerals and vitamins. For healthy hair, these foods should be part of diet. 
  • Fish : Eat fish like salmon, sardines, herring, anchovies etc. 
  • Eggs : Make sure to take eggs in diet. 
  • Spinach : This vegetable is rich in many nutrients, particularly iron and folic acid. 
  • Soybeans : These are a nice source of protein in vegetarian diet. 
  • Blueberries are powerful antioxidants which also support in getting healthy hair. 
Eat lots of healthy food. Being on dieting or fasting would obviously impact the health of body and hair. 

Ancient remedies for healthy hair : 
  • Lettuce was used in ancient Egypt to get healthy hair and reduce thinning hair. Lettuce is shred and then placed or tied onto the scalp. 
  • Amla oil ( Indian gooseberry oil ) is one of the mainstay Ancient Indian remedies for healthy hair which is still used today. 
  • Preventing stress in life is a remedy for healthy hair which is prevalent in traditional Chinese culture. Worry and stress can turn hair grey and prevent them from growing healthy. 
  • Hair wrap made from avocado, olive oil, banana and egg yolk is a wonderful remedy for healthy hair. This has been used by Mayan civilization since many centuries. 
One should prevent washing the hair with water frequently as it can leave the hair frizzy and weak. 
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Home Remedies For Clear Skin

Home remedies for clear skin. Everyone wants a clear and glowing skin. However, one may have acne, blackheads, pimples, dark spots, blemishes, scars and bumps on the skin which stand in the way of clear skin. One should first determine what are the problems that are preventing a clear skin condition. Then one should target each one of these conditions using home remedies for them. For example, if you acne, then use home remedies for acne. These constitute specific remedies for clearing up things that form on the skin. Now, some general remedies for clear skin can help in all of these conditions and help the person in getting the smooth, clear and nice skin that they have been longing for.

                                                                                                             ( Photo Courtesy: tucia )

Home remedies for clear skin :
  • Exercise and sweat : Once we sweat after exercise, it makes the skin better. Regular exercising and sweating in exercise helps in getting clear and glowing skin. 
  • Mint and lemon : Crush a good amount of mint leaves and soak them in lemon juice. Then mix the solution well and apply the crushed leaves and the liquid on the face and the body. It makes the skin clear. Lemon in the mixture helps in lightening dark spots or blemishes that stand out on the skin. It makes the entire skin look more even and regular, free from spots. Use it only at night before sleeping. 
  • Olive oil : This is by far the best remedy for getting clear skin. Olive oil nourishes the skin and makes it look clear and nice. Olive oil promotes healthy and glowing skin. It adds its own element to the skin. 
  • Turmeric and Sandalwood paste : This mixture is well used in India as a traditional remedy for dry skin and unevenness. Turmeric and sandalwood paste can be applied easily and quickly helps in getting clear skin. This remedy has been used in India for many centuries and is still in use. 
  • Rice flour and yogurt : A mixture of yogurt and rice flour can be applied on the entire skin. It is to be kept for a few minutes and then it can be washed off. This reduces hyper pigmentation of the skin. 
  • Papaya : Take some papaya cubes and crush them to form a paste. Apply this papaya paste on the entire skin to get clear skin in a few weeks. It is better to apply refrigerated papaya. 
  • Rose water : The water of rose is an infusion of rose petals. It has a wonderful fragrance. Take some rose water on cotton balls and then rub it into the skin. One would find that it leave the skin clean and clear. 
Besides these home remedies for clear skin, one should use precaution measures and good hygiene. It contributes a lot towards clear skin. Eat a very healthy diet and take note of the amount of water you take. Environment also has an impact on the skin and is one of the major cause of wrinkles, dark spots and blemishes. Staying indoors can prevent these conditions to some extent. 
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Home Remedies For Razor Burn Relief And Cure

Home remedies for razor burn relief and cure. This is a common problem for many women and men. While shaving any part of body hair, like beard, mustache, underarms, legs and body hair, razor burn can occur. A razor burn causes a sharp burning sensation which may not subside even for hours in some conditions.In severe cases, bumps appear on the skin. Razor burn is however very easy to relieve using simple and easily available home remedies and some herbs. Razor burn bumps can also be cured at home.

                                                                                                                     ( Photo Courtesy: juhansonin )

Home remedies for razor burn : 

  • Aloe Vera : If you have Aloe Vera in your garden or in your neighborhood, get a leaf and slice it. Apply this juice on the skin which is experiencing razor burn. It should soothe the skin and cool it, reducing the burning sensation. It also helps in depressing the razor burn bumps.  
  • Butter : Apply either shea butter or cocoa butter on the affected. Keep it for some minutes. It the skin has soaked it completely, then there is no problem. Otherwise one can wash it to take away the excess butter. 
  • Coconut oil : Applying coconut oil on the razor burn skin is really great home remedy. It works quick and provides complete relief. 
  • Honey : Take some honey on the palm and massage it on the skin. Keep massaging it to improve the absorption of honey into the skin. Then wash it off with cold water and not hot water. Cold water also supports in relieving the burning sensation. Do not take warm water bath if the skin is experiencing razor burn. 
  • Ice : Take an ice cube out of the freezer and rub it on the razor burn skin. This is an inexpensive home remedy for razor burn. Ice is great at reducing redness, inflammation and itching. Razor burn can cause redness and sharp irritation of skin which can be reduced by ice. 
  • Cucumber : Slice a cucumber and use the cool slices to massage the skin. It reduces the burning in the razor burn. 
  • Cool papaya : Place papaya on the razor burn to soothe the irritation caused by the razor. 
Do not apply things like lemon juice, apple cider vinegar or strawberry because all of these are acidic and can cause more burning. Use gentle things like cucumber, papaya etc. 

Prevention and precaution : By taking precaution measures, one can prevent razor burn very well. 
  • Always use shaving cream or lotion before shaving any body hair or beard. 
  • Wash the face with warm water to soften the hair. This helps in easy removal of hair and prevents an incidence of razor burn. 
  • Use shaving cream each time you shave is one of the best prevention tip for razor burn. Many men and women use shaving cream once, lather it and shave. Then, they shave closer again but do not shave cream for the second time. This is the most common reason for razor burn. 
Razor burn usually occurs after hurried shaving. One precaution measure is to take time out for shaving. When the person has sufficient time, then shaving can be done with ease. 
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Dog Hotspot Home Remedy

Dog hotspot home remedy. Hotspot is a painful, pus filled infectious stretch of skin that most commonly affects dogs and sometimes other pets such as cats. Dogs who have thick hair are most prone to developing hotspots. It is not easy to treat a hotspot. It becomes painful and really very itchy in a few hours. If the dog licks or itches it, then the hotspot becomes worse. In most cases, it requires treatment by a veterinary doctor. However, some home remedies can also work in this condition.

                                                                                                                 ( Photo Courtesy: rollanb )
Dog hotspot home remedy : 
  • Clip the hair : This step is very important. Take a trimmer and clip all the hair over the hotspot and in a small region around it. Mark the hotspot using a color pen. This helps to find out whether the dog hotspot is growing in size or reducing. It can then be used as a criteria to decide whether it is necessary to go to the veterinary doctor. Why is it necessary to cut the hair around a hotspot ? That is because hotspot is a dermatitis ( a kind of infection ) and it often becomes worse when it grows under hair cover. 
  • Natural air : Make the hotspot face an air source. If there is nice gentle breeze blowing outside, take the dog out. Clean dry air is best for the dog's hotspot. However, do not take the dog out if it is rainy season and air is moist and humid. This can worsen the hotspot condition. In that case, stay indoors and let the dog take air from a table fan. This usually reduces itching considerably, preventing the dog from licking or scratching the hotspot area. A natural dry breeze helps a dog a lot in recovering from a hotspot quickly.
  • Black tea bags : Make some black tea in water and then place the used tea bags in refrigerator. Take out after they are sufficiently cool and apply it on the dog's hotspot and surrounding skin. Black tea really helps to soothe the condition and provide relief. It helps in drying out the dog hotspot.
  • Corn starch : Spray some cool corn starch on the affected skin. Corn starch absorbs moisture readily. It can be easily dusted off by brushing gently. 
  • Provide fish to the dog : One can give a fish to the dog so that his or her health is boosted. Fish like salmon have high concentration of omega fatty acids in them which helps the dog's body to fight of an infection.
  • Feeding the dog dandelions : Dandelion is a flowering herb. Dogs usually love this herb. Dandelion greens and dandelions can be given to a dog. The reason is that dandelion is one of the most nutrient complete herbs on the planet. It provides brilliant nutrition to the dog which ultimately helps the immune system in functioning much better. Dandelion on the menu for the dog is a natural way to get rid of many diseases. 
If these remedies do not help in reducing the hotspot, the pain or itching, then one should visit the veterinary doctor along with the pet to get treatment.
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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Beauty Home Remedies, Recipes And Tips

Beauty home remedies. Instead of spending lots of money on expensive treatments and cosmetic products, one can get wonderful makeup effects even by using some remedies. People in ancient and medieval times were using home remedies and natural ingredients to highlight beauty, just as it is done today. Things like mascara have been used since centuries. These are some simple home remedies for many of the modern day beauty tasks of women and even men.

                                                                                                               ( Photo Courtesy: sunshinecity )

Beauty home remedies and tips :

  • Olive oil for better skin : One can get flawless skin by applying olive oil all over the body. It tones the skin and evens out any dark spots, blemishes and sometimes helps in skin diseases too. 
  • Jojoba oil for more beautiful hair : This oil is wonderful for application on hair and it makes hair darker and shiny. 
  • Turmeric and sandalwood as face mask : A paste of these two things is made and applied on the face as a face mask. This is a well known remedy for facial beauty used in India. 
  • Coconut oil for stretch marks : Coconut oil is capable of nourishing the deeper layers of skin and helps in vanishing or diminishing stretch marks
  • Cucumber for dark eye circles  : This remedy is almost universally well known. It can be made more potent and adding watermelon to it. 
  • Ground coffee for cellulite : Many women face cellulite and they want to get rid of it fast. This can be accomplished by rubbing ground coffee on the skin. This is a simple and effective home remedy for cellulite. 
  • Parsley for dark eye circles : Parsley is also a nice remedy for dark circles under the eyes
  • Avocado oil for wrinkles : Natural oil of avocado is gentle and strong enough to treat wrinkles. One can apply this oil on places where wrinkles have started to appear and this home treatment may make the wrinkles fade away in just a few months. This is not just a concealer for the wrinkles, it actually diminishes the wrinkles from the skin.
  • Milk for moisturizing the skin : Milk is great for treating excessively dry skin. Winter season really leaves the skin dry and cracked. This can be easily treated by pouring milk on the skin.
Ancient Egyptian beauty home remedies : According to archaeologists, people in ancient Egypt used many natural things as recipes for beauty and cosmetic effects. 
  • Red ochre as lipstick : Red ochre is a naturally occurring mineral which is red in color. It was ground sufficiently and turned into a lipstick through an extensive process. Red ochre can be mixed in milk fat like cream to form a simple home made lipstick. 
  • Kohl as mascara : Kohl is a mascara made from naturally occurring mineral galena. This was used in ancient Egypt as mascara. 
These natural and homemade beauty remedies can be used by most people because natural things have less chance of causing any skin allergy. These home remedies can take care of some of the most common beauty issues that people have, like acne, dark circles, stretch marks and frizzy hair
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Home Remedies For Spider Bites

Home remedies for spider bites. A bite of a poisonous spider can be very painful and indeed dangerous. A few species of spiders are very poisonous. If they bite, then the venom injected by them can cause life threatening symptoms like confusion, faster heartbeat, fainting, excruciating pain, abnormal discoloration of skin and nervous damage. If such symptoms start to appear, one should immediately rush for emergency medical help. Spider bite is small but a large area is reddened. It is often painful and itchy.

                                                                                                            ( Photo Courtesy: devcentre )

Home remedies for spider bites :
Cold water and Ice : Place the spider bite under a gush of cold water. After that, rub it with ice. The pain and swelling can be considerably reduced.Elevate the affected region of the body. This helps to reduce the pain of the spider bite.

Turmeric : Apply a paste of turmeric on the spider paste. Turmeric has strong healing properties and can provide quick relief from spider bite venom, thus reducing the pain.

 Onion juice : Get a fresh and pungent onion. Peel its skin and  crush it to smaller pieces. Press the onion on a sieve to take out its juice. Pour this juice on the spider bite. It can provide relief from sharp pain of the spider bite.

Papaya : If you have a fresh or frozen papaya, take a slice out of it and apply it on the spider bite. Keep it on the spider bite and press on it gently. This helps the liquid from papaya to flow gently in through the spider bite wound.

Dried basil leaves can be rubbed on the spider bite. This home remedy can also provide relief from pain of the spider bite.

Other herbal remedies for spider bites :
Echinacea poultice : The treatment using this technique has been done in America for the treatment of snake bites and poisonous spider bites. Make a strong infusion of Echinacea in water and then soak a cotton cloth in that solution. Apply this repeatedly on the bite. Another way is to make a poultice of Echinacea. One can also take a cotton ball, soak it in the Echinacea infusion and then bandage it one the spider bite location. This herbal remedy can help in speedy recovery from even the bite of a poisonous spider, like black widow spider.

Holy basil leaves are also an effective remedy for many kinds of insect bites. Crush a bowl full of fragrant holy basil leaves and then apply this on the spider bite location. Press it slightly so that the juice from holy basil enters the bite opening faster.

Getting bitten by a spider can be a panicky situation. If the spider is venomous, then the bite would pain a lot and there can be many serious symptoms. Home remedies in this condition are a last resort alternative, like if you are somewhere in the wild, like in the jungle or the mountains and a spider bites. If there is access to any medical facility, one should get immediate medical care if the health deteriorates. There are effective treatments for spider bites due to different spider species, like brown recluse spider, black widow spider etc.
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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Home Remedies For Itchy Scalp

Home remedies for itchy scalp. Unlike dry scalp, an itchy scalp is a much more troublesome condition. It is not easy to treat using home remedies unless the cause behind it is identified. The technique is to recognize the reason behind itchy scalp and then use home remedies for that specific condition. Hence, the remedy depends on the cause of itchy scalp.

                                                                                                              ( Photo Courtesy: 3loomi )
Home remedies for itchy scalp :
These are the major causes of itchy scalp and how to resolve them.
  • Dandruff : This is the major cause of mild itchy scalp. One can use home remedies for dandruff. These would eliminate dandruff and also alleviate any itching on the scalp. 
  • Yeast infection : Excessive overgrowth of yeast in the body can also lead to itching on the scalp. One can reduce the infection by yeast like Candida by eating less yeast made foods, like bread and also reducing the consumption of additional sugar. All of these contribute to yeast overgrowth which affects skin health and may cause itching
  • Fungal infection of the scalp : It is very easy for the scalp to get infected by fungus and these organisms also lead to hair loss. They can be controlled by washing the hair in lemon water or apple cider vinegar diluted in water. Since both of these are acidic in nature, they help in killing those fungi on the spot. After that, one should use an anti-fungal oil on the scalp, like coconut oil. More stronger anti-fungal oils are neem oil and lavender oil. However these two are very strong oils and can lead to irritation or burning if applied directly. They should be applied after properly diluting them in olive oil. Rinse off this oil after use. Doing this treatment few times a day can help in getting over the fungal infection which is causing the itchy scalp. 
  • Psoriasis : This is a disease which can cause rashes on the whole scalp or anywhere on the skin. Psoriasis has no treatment but it can be relieved to a great extent using home remedies for psoriasis. This condition looks as reddish inflamed rashes on the scalp which are very itchy. Scalp psoriasis causes intense itching, so much so that the person is unable to sleep at night. 
  • Itchy scalp due to scratching : Sometimes, during mild itching, a person may scratch the scalp with nails. This deep scratch causes pain and further itching. Such a condition can be calmed by washing the scalp with cool chamomile tea. Prepare a tea with only chamomile in water. Let it cool below room temperature so that it feels cold. Then slowly pour it on the area where itching is being experienced. 
Aloe Vera has also been used to treat itchy scalp and burning sensation. Massaging a hair oil, like almond oil or coconut oil into the scalp regularly is a simple and effective remedy to prevent itchy scalp condition without any hassles. Cold water is also a simple remedy for dry scalp. 
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Home Remedies For Frizzy Hair

Home remedies for frizzy hair. This kind of hair looks unmanageable, unkempt and tangled. Frizzy hair stray in all directions and look wavy. This is just the opposite of smooth, naturally shiny hair that can be easily combed. However, frizzy hair looks dry and damaged. There are many causes behind frizzy hair, but it can be relieved at home with simple treatments.

                                                                                                                     ( Photo Courtesy: evilerin )

Home remedies for frizzy hair : 
  • Jojoba oil : After washing the hair, apply jojoba oil in wet hair. It nourishes the hair shafts, softens them and makes them stick together. Ideally, hair grows out in pairs. This makes each hair strand look thicker and stronger. Jojoba oil helps hair to stick together so that they adhere and make it easier to comb them. 
  • Coconut oil massage : Each night before sleeping, massage some warm coconut oil into the scalp. It makes the hair healthier from the inside. Next morning, hair would be softer and less frizzy. They can be washed, combed or oiled as needed. 
  • Sleep posture : Focus on the sleep posture and see how the hair stays when you sleep. A major cause of frizz could be damage to the hair while sleeping. A good idea would be to keep the hair tied while sleeping. Invest in a really soft and nice pillow. 
  • Carbonated drink : Wash the hair with carbonated water. This helps to eliminate frizzy hair condition quickly. So, this can be an effective home remedy if you have to get rid of frizzy hair before an event.  
  • Avocado oil : It is also a nice oil for the hair and can help in eliminating frizz in the hair. Apply avocado oil before taking a bath. 
  • Olive oil : Just like avocado oil, apply olive oil to the hair strands before taking a bath. Then wash it off during the bath. Keep the olive oil applied on the hair for about 30 minutes. 
  • Raw egg : Make a paste of one or more eggs ( depending on the length of hair ). Make sure the paste is well mixed. Then apply this mixture on the scalp and hair shafts uniformly. Keep it for an hour and then wash off the hair in cold water. 
Precaution measures to prevent frizzy hair : 
Some activities can make the hair frizzy and these should be avoided. 
  • Excessive drying of the hair using a dryer blowing at hot temperature. One should use a dryer at cold air setting. A dryer can make the hair shafts more dry than what is optimum, making the hair lack water. 
  • Humidity in the house : Make sure the environment in the house is slightly moist. Hair grows well in this kind of environment. 
  • Apply hair oil to wet hair instead of dry hair : That is because dry hair shafts may not retain hair oil so well and its effect quickly subsides, leaving the hair frizzy and unmanageable. 
A good home remedy for frizzy hair is to make a paste of avocado, egg and honey in olive oil and apply this on the hair when it is wet. Keep it for at least 1 hour then wash this with cold water and then with lemon water to make the hair shafts clean. This is a simple combination of remedies which is used by many people for curing frizzy hair.  
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Home Remedies For Dry Eyes

Home remedies for dry eyes. Chronically dry eyes can be a cause of concern. People who have very dry eyes can be subject to eye irritation, dirt in eyes and difficulty in seeing properly. Eyes should naturally be moist. This moisture protects the eyes from injury to repetitive stress. Dry eyes feel sandy and opened all the time. There is increased awareness of wind in the eyes, which is discomforting.

                                                                                                              ( Photo Courtesy: jackatothemon )

Home remedies for dry eyes that are simple and effective : 
These are the things that can help with chronically dry eyes.
  • Probiotics : Eat foods like yogurt, curd, buttermilk etc. They have a high concentration of healthy or "good" bacteria which improve the health of our bodies. They help the intestine with digestion and also helps to get rid of unhealthy bacteria in the gut. They can also help in alleviating dry eyes without tears or moisture. However, it takes a long time for such a treatment to bring significant effect. 
  • Fish : Eating fish like cod which have omega 3 fatty acid in their liver. Fish is a healthy and very nutritious source of food. Vegetarian people can eat flax seed, which also has omega 3 fatty acid. 
  • Cucumber : Take 2 thick slices of a cool cucumber and place them on the eyes. Keep the eyes closed and relax for a while. This simple treatment is used for many purposes, like lightening dark circles under eyes and also to improve eye health. It can bring the natural moisture back in the eyes. 
  • Humidifier : Install a humidifier and increase the humidity in the house. It can be that dry warm air is leading to dry eyes. 
  • Plants in the house : Place some plants in the house which clean the environment, improve oxygen level and increase humidity in the house. All of these factors work to improve the functioning of the eyes. A cool, more oxygenated and slightly moist environment is ideal for the functioning of eyes. 
  • Carrots : Eat lots of carrots if facing this condition. Carrots contain Vitamin A and are great for the eyes. They help to improve vision and keep the eyes moist. Eating carrots can bring a quick change in the health of eyes. 
  • Tamarind seeds : Tamarind is a sour fruit which is also used as an ingredient in some eye drops. These eye drops are good for dry eyes as they help to restore the tear film over the eyes. In fact, these are the best eye drops for dry eyes. 
  • Sunglasses : Wear sunglasses often. Intense heat and light from the sun can sometimes make the eyes very dry. Sunglasses also protect eyes from dust, dirt and other minute particles. 
  •  Massage : Place a warm and moist cloth over the eyes for some time. Use this cloth to gently massage the eyes. Also press on the top of the nose during the massage. 
If these home remedies do not provide relief from dry eyes condition, then one should consult an ophthalmologist ( an eye doctor ) and get diagnosed. It could be a symptoms of an underlying disease of the eyes or some other condition of the body and unless that is corrected, it can be very difficult to relieve it without correcting the condition. 
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